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Why Using Animated Videos is the Best Technique for your Social Media Marketing

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An animated video is a very engaging tool which can help tell stories more comprehensively and efficiently. As a matter of fact, 90 percent of the information are being transmitted to your brain is visual and 65 percent of individuals are visual learners. According to a famous molecular biologist, the vision is the most dominant human sense which takes half of the resources of the brain. For those very good reasons, there can be an unavoidable shift towards visual contents on social media. There is also the picture superiority effect where in images and pictures are likely to be recalled than words.

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The following are some statistics which will give you reasons to use more videos in your marketing strategies:

1. 1/3 of online activities is spent in watching videos

2. Incorporating videos on your landing page can improve conversions by 80 percent

3. Half of the executives want to look for more details after seeing a service or product in a video

4. Users of YouTube watch more or less 3 billion hours of videos every month

5. After watching a certain video, 64 percent of users are likely to purchase a product online

If a video is not a part of your marketing strategy yet, now is the time to begin using it to present and sell your products or services.

Why Use an Animated Video?

With a huge number of animated videos all operating to get the attention of the viewers, it is getting more complicated for companies and businesses to cut through the trend. Another boring explainer video or a talking head just will not do any trick. You just need more engagement and animated videos will help you have it.

Most of the customers prefer to use an animated video offered by Singapore website video services compared to reading or listening. The preference of the customer will definitely result to video explosion in marketing. Videos will also be utilized more for lead and converting generation. Aside from that, plenty of potential buyers do not want to talk or engage with sales representatives. Therefore, animations and videos can greatly influence sales in the long run. There will actually be more experimenting to determine what videos and animations work in different occasions.

Reasons Why Animated Videos Works Better Compared to Other Kinds of Visual Aids

Internet users usually have short attention spans as well as will just spend too much time on the video. Animated videos evoke emotions which resonate with the person watching. It also makes the audience to follow the story and sparks conversations, as well. Besides, nowadays individuals are utilized to intrusive marketing advertisements. Oftentimes, they just see through the white noise the advertisements make.

However, animated videos are less or not known at all to be an instrument in marketing. Therefore, people are likely to focus much on their attention to animations compared to any traditional advertisement. Video animations also bring concepts to life which text or even live videos cannot, which is why it’s best that you invest in this kind of marketing tool too.

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